* stoopididity

monkey use word stoopididity when make blog post sometime. here little story what explain what mean word stoopididity.

one time Man think he make up word stoopididity but then Man google word & have great disappointment because other mans & ladies already make word stoopididity. Man say that ok. it still good word.

monkey ask Man what mean word stoopididity. Man say it good word for describe idea & action of many human creature. Man say stoopididity mean stupid and then some & stoopididity mean stupid cubed. now monkey give here some example of stoopididity.

  • stoopididity = belief that politician anything other than cheap sleazy wind instrument what tuned by plutocrat & corporation & lobbyist & special interest & ideologue & etc.
  • stoopididity = belief of connectivity addict that he or she always about to miss out on something.
  • stoopididity = belief what say mans & ladies & dinosaur all walk around on earth planet together.
  • stoopididity = when mans and ladies believe there exist perfect solution for any problem.
  • stoopididity = what hatch like egg of idiot monster in brain of robopath politician. especially republican.
  • stoopididity = belief that award show like grammy & golden globe & oscar & etc mean anything.
  • stoopididity = state of brain what believe anything what come out from lying big bazoo of robopath politician. it not matter if politician = republicrap or democrap or anyotherkindofcrap.
  • stoopididity = when man or lady believe everything happen for reason.
  • stoopididity = idea that every one have right for have big rambo gun for fill air with lead fast because it say in poorly written # 2 amendment what dead mans write many many year ago when big rambo gun = musket.
  • stoopididity = when someone say it miracle and not dumb luck when ship sink & 1 person survive and 273 die.
  • stoopididity = when man and lady think smart alien come from many light year far away in advance space ship for stick probe up stinky rear end of human being.
  • stoopididity = state of brain of human creature what believe corporation = people my friend.
  • stoopididity = give all teacher gun for take to school for make school more safe.
  • stoopididity = man and lady what know danger from smoke cigarette and still smoke.
  • stoopididity = climate change denier bonehead who too ignorant for know difference between weather & climate or too ideological to care. or both.
  • stoopididity = mans & ladies & littles what believe earth planet = 6000 year old.
  • stoopididity = belief that average politician anything but scheming lying sack of crap.
  • stoopididity = belief that usa really = representative democracy.
  • stoopididity = parent what think adult human & children have equalness and what think democracy good way for raise children.
  • stoopididity = human creature what believe human knee = proof of intelligent design.
  • stoopididity = treat idea & belief of other peoples with respect even when other peoples full of stoopididity & derangement & delusion.

now reader know little bit more what mean word stoopididity in monkey say blog.


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