here some fact about monkey. monkey = good boy most of time. monkey have hobby of thinking with simple brain & writing blog & traveling with Man and Lady & etc.  monkey about 11 inch tall & never have bath.

monkey say goodbye reader. now reader go maybe read monkey blog. monkey hope reader like many 100s post & come visit monkey again. and tell friend come visit monkey here. yay.


9 thoughts on “* ABOUT MR SOCK MONKEY”

  1. Come over and share your terse monkey comments and dense monkey ideas about monkey artistry and musicality.


  2. Monkey is very welcome to leave a comment at the monkey orchid post there.


  3. monkey need many minute for digest all info about animal artistry from soundeagle.

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  4. monkey think monkey orchid = 100 % cool.

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  5. monkey think now of take more day off for enjoy great pleasure of nature.

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go ahead leave comment today. offer expire 1 month after monkey make new post.

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