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today monkey do community service & make presentment of 3 birding app what excellent for finding out about bird of north america. app maybe good for have on phone or tablet just for fun even if reader not 100 % obsessed in hobby of birding.

  • 1st app = merlin bird id what = 100 % free from cornell lab of ornithology. Man use it with frequency on ipad. device need about 250 – 400 MB free space for downloading of app.
  • 2nd app also free. it = audubon bird guide app. Man use this app too but not so much as merlin app. it use up about 700 MB for all download.
  • 3rd app not free but Man use it on ipad & say it worth every penny. app = ibird pro. if reader want app for apple device machine then go here for check it out. for android device machine go here. download of database of birdie = very big size about 1.2 GB.

ok. now monkey make link next to spoof satire truther conspiracy website birds aren’t real where Man & monkey share many ha ha laughs about birds = government surveilance drones & bird poop = fbi designed tracking substance.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope monkey stir interest in birding in brain of reader & that reader get good laugh about bird = spy drone.

if reader see ad down there next it NOT from monkey. it there because Man = 100 % TOO CHEAP for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog. monkey apologize for cheapness of Man.