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this = story of dream simple brain of monkey have last night. some part of dream crazy & make no sense. other part of dream have maybe some sense. here what monkey remember from dream.

monkey walking along road of jumbled cracked asphalt in far future of team u$a. monkey stub toe on head of statue of liberty & attract attention of mutant hobo cannibal mob who want kill & eat monkey. there no tree for monkey hide in so monkey scream & run and suddenly monkey find self staring at huge pile of rubble. monkey begin move big piece of concrete with lever and uncover 2 fallen cracked stone. 1 piece say IDENTIAL LIBR & other piece say RUMP. next monkey use lever for pry stone sign away from hole it cover in rubble & find entrance what lead to hallway what covered in flaking gold paint.

monkey scratch flea off head & find flashlight appear like magic in hand. monkey then walk with caution down hallway what go by ancient gift shop what looted many century ago. hallway soon open into huge room with many giant 24K gold toilet & elevator with 24K gold door. elevator not work so monkey jog up sweeping staircase of many flight of step & at top monkey see dusty display case & other exhibit of presidential library. monkey not want touch anything in fear there maybe germ from plague contamination what sweep over earth planet many time over past 100s of year so monkey use fishing pole to poke around display.

there not much left to find because scavenger take almost all stuff what useful but monkey find 2 picture while poke around with pole in dark corner of room where once art hang on wall. monkey guess in dream that all other painting stolen by looter for make fire for warmth and roasting of food.

monkey clean debris away & find ancient oil painting in pretty good shape of mcdonalds monster mac sandwich.

old mcdonalds menu from many century ago. somehow decay rot get under glass cover & eat away at menu.

monkey use tire iron what appear like magic in hand to break into 1 other room what hold entire library item of donald the victorious. monkey see there only 1 shelf on wall and hold up torch what used to = flashlight to see what donald the victorious read in school & when president. here what monkey see.

monkey pull on medical glove & all book crumble to dust when monkey touch them & then monkey hear scary scrabbling in darkness & climb up vine to room above. this where monkey find gold throne & gold table in front of throne. on table there box & in box there no doll but just little shrivelled up thing like mummified mushroom.

this where monkey wake up with great sweating & say whew. monkey sure glad it all just dream. monkey tell Man about dream & ask Man explain what dream mean but Man just laugh & say You really should cut out the snacks before bedtime, monkey.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope if reader know what mean strange strange dream of monkey then maybe reader write monkey & explain.

if reader see ad down there next it NOT from monkey. it there because Man = 100 % TOO CHEAP for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog. monkey apologize for cheapness of Man.