monkey now make presentment of 6 pix more from walkies of 3 day ago.


monkey see many fungus creature on walkies in woods part of trail. monkey ask Man what kind of fungus up there in picture but Man not know. monkey wonder if it ok for eating of fungus up there. Man tell monkey he not sure & it important for not eat unfamiliar fungus because result = possible disaster like liquefaction of liver. so monkey just enjoy prettiness of fungus.


here close up look at another fungus what help decompose dead tree what fall to earth. this time Man know name & tell monkey it = coral fungus. monkey see why it have that name. again monkey put forth question of eatability of fungus up there & Man say he hear that it ok when fresh but recommend that monkey stick to mushroom from store.


far away in pond great blue heron fly down & land on branch what fall into water. heron walk around on branch for while & fly away again for hunting on leg like stilt & with beak like spear for fish & frog for lunch. monkey like sound of great blue heron what sound like croaking of ancient creature from prehistoric past. monkey also like build of heron what make it perfect hunter of fish & frog. monkey feel sorry for critter what get in range of great hunter heron.


in another pond white egret hunt for lunch while goose birdies take rest break from food finding. egret = another kind of heron what have construction like great blue.  it little bit smaller but also = great hunter.


in same pond where egret hunt Man see big snake snoozing on branch what fall into water. here picture of head of snake.


snake here have name of black rat snake & it about 3 + 1/2 feet in longness but Man say it easily grow to 6 feet long. monkey wonder if it have poison & Man tell monkey it not venomous what mean no poison. it 100 % very impressive critter so if reader want find out more then click on link here. diet of black rat snake = very interesting. it have talent of climb up tree with great ease.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader enjoy picture today & wait with patience for next appearance of monkey.

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