today again monkey go with Man & Lady and walk with eye & other sense open. here some thing what monkey see today & share nice with reader.

it monarch butterfly season where live monkey. already egg of monarch hatch and caterpillar eat leaf of milkweed plant. 1 way for find monarch caterpillar = follow the poop. if someone see something on milkweed leaf what look like little brown barrel that = monarch caterpillar poop so maybe there caterpillar around.

sometime it easy for spot caterpillar right on top of milkweed leaf. why bird not eat so obvious monarch caterpillar reader maybe wonder. here why. caterpillar & butterfly taste 100 % unpleasant to bird because of milkweed diet.

here 1 kind of big dragonfly monkey see today. monkey think it have great beauty in color & shape and love way it fly around all shimmery and zoomy.

here other big dragonfly what monkey spot today with sharp eyeball.

Man & Lady & monkey check on wood duck mama today & she look in good shape.

here two of wood duck young what swim around near where sit mama up there. before there = 10 baby wood duck. now there 5 left who not get grabbed by predator like hawk or snapping turtle or fox or etc.

Man & Lady & monkey not only creature who keep eye open in world of nature. snake here watch back with curiousity & caution.

bullfrog keep eye on surrounding situation too. it good idea for critter always keep eye & ear open for predator unless critter = top of food chain.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader enjoy nature picture from walkies of monkey early today this morning.

if reader see ad down there next it NOT from monkey. it there because Man = 100 % TOO CHEAP for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog. monkey apologize for cheapness of Man.