today monkey make presentment of rest of picture from nature walkies of 2 day ago. with no more monkey blather here now come picture.

many tiny butterfly creature visit flower where walk monkey. Man not know exact name of butterfly critter here but he say maybe it some kind of skipper. that ok with monkey. sometime monkey not need information like name or etc for enjoy nature stuff. but monkey know flower = wild bergamot what also have other name of bee balm. leaves smell like mint in opinion of monkey.

here nice bunch of oyster mushroom what grow on tree. monkey not sure if mushroom here = ok to eat so if reader see oyster mushroom somewhere take advice of monkey & not take chance of liquefy own liver organ by eating. oyster & oyster cracker ok for eat though.

monkey enjoy trek along quiet pond. in pond there many kind of life form like lily flower & bullfrog & fish & dragonfly & heron & etc. if reader look with carefulness then reader see small young american bullfrog sitting in peace on lilypad.

if heron not spear & swallow little bullfrog it grow soon big enough to fill hand of Man. most big bullfrog = almost 2 pound in heaviness sometime. monkey enjoy sound of bullfrog 100 %. sometime it sound twangy like someone pluck banjo string. other time it sound like mooing of sad cow with bad stomachache. Man say it also make noise what sound like jug-a-rum.

oh oh. here somebody little bullfrog & fish & snake & grasshopper & crayfish & snail & etc need watch out for. it green heron what have big appetite for everybody in list up there + more. this bird = smart & sometime it use bait like little feather or stick to lure fish near surface of water where it stab fish with beak. green heron make noise like kee-yow.

Man say this = armada of mallard. it most common duck around where live monkey. it even come under bird feeder by house of monkey & scrounge for seed what other bird drop on ground.

female wood duck paddle around lily pond. this one have five baby what follow her around through lily pad looking for food.

here wood duck baby what follow around mother up there in picture before.

last picture today = cardinal nest with baby birdies. monkey watch many mans & ladies & kiddies walk right by nest without seeing nest. this show why it very good practice to look up & down & all around with sharp eye & listen with carefulness when going into nature. there a lot to miss in nature if walker not pay attention.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader have good place for go to enjoy experience of nature with all senses.

if reader see ad down there next it NOT from monkey. it there because Man = 100 % TOO CHEAP for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog. monkey apologize for cheapness of Man.