today monkey see 2 colorful birdie come to feeder. on top reader probably recognize female oriole & on bottom there perch male cardinal. monkey happy for report that cardinal mating pair already build nest in lilac bush next to house where live monkey & monkey plan to report on egg laying & hatching & etc when time come. monkey not sure where oriole plan nest. there many tall tree around yard & neighborhood so monkey keep eye open & report later if monkey spot nest.

next come more close look at oriole. oriole little bit wet today because it rain where live monkey.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader have attactive habitat for birdie & feed birdie & enjoy prettiness & song of wonderful flying creature.

if reader see ad down there next it NOT from monkey. it there because Man = 100 % TOO CHEAP for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog. monkey apologize for cheapness of Man.