when Man = boy in elementary school many year ago he make stink bomb for fun. Man tell monkey he melt together sulfur from chemistry set with wax in test tube and put stopper in tube. later when he want make mischief with stink bomb he pull out stopper & leave bomb in cloakroom in school. he do this stunt only 1 time because someone tattle on him & he get in big trouble in school & later when father find out & etc. etc mean father of Man = old school disciplnarian who not believe democracy & dialogue = best way for raise children & who not have problem with application of corporal punishment. monkey leave what happen when father of Man find out about stink bomb to imagination of reader. after incident of cloakroom stink bomb Man become 100 % more careful when he pull stunt.

monkey ask Man if there other kind of stink bomb & Man say there many way for make stink bomb what anyone can find with easiness by googling. monkey ask Man what he think = biggest stink bomb of all time. Man say that not have easy answer but in recent time it probably what in illustration what come next.

content of military grade stink bomb up there = more complicated than sulfur + wax. stink bomb up there = fuming mixture of burning hair + huge fatty ego + rage + lashing out + racism + lying + stupidity + neediness + arrogance + ignorance + narcissism + grandiosity + sense of entitlement + envy + impulsiveness + scapegoating + exploitiveness. it easily set off because it have very very thin skin.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader = good human creature who never even think of setting off stink bomb in cloakroom. monkey hope too that soon clean breeze of sanity come for blow stink away from team usa.

if reader see ad down there next it not from monkey. it there because Man = 100 % too cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog. monkey apologize for cheapness of Man.