monkey never make ever even 1 resolution for new year. why. here why. monkey not have issue for resolution like human creature. here example of what monkey mean.

  • monkey already trim & svelte & attractive forever so monkey not need go into gym for huff & puff & grunt & sweat on exercise machine & then have to look at unpleasant naked body of other creature in locker room.
  • monkey weight & body mass index already = optimal so monkey not need go on diet for lose fat.
  • monkey = already thrifty & frugal so monkey not need stop pissing away $$$ on excess & stupid consumer crap.
  • monkey not need to clean out closets full of useless & unused stuff because monkey not have any closet or stuff except for 1 pirate costume what monkey wear for special occasion.
  • monkey not smoke tobacco or weed or drink alcohol so monkey not need fix smoking or drinking.
  • monkey not have smartphone machine so monkey not need break connectivity addiction.
  • monkey not have hypothalmus or adrenal gland or adrenaline or cortisol so monkey not suffer stress so there no stress for monkey to reduce with yoga or meditation or good breathing practice or etc.
  • monkey not have teeth so monkey not need floss with regularity.
  • monkey get enough sleep already so monkey not need more time in dreamland.
  • monkey not need read more good book because monkey & Man read many good book every year already.
  • monkey not need smile more because monkey already have permanent factory installed smile.
  • etc etc etc

whew. it look like monkey = 100 % lucky critter who not feel need for create problem of great expectations for self just because clock machine tick 1 second & one year turn into another. monkey believe if there something what need change in monkey or in reader then that change = continuous process of evolution over period of time.

goodybe today reader. monkey hope reader continue life with realistic expectation of self & other human creature on earth planet.

if reader see ad down there next it not from monkey. it there because Man = 100 % too cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog. monkey apologize for cheapness of Man.