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monkey read in wall street journal something that governor greg abbott of great state texas say after huge bloodbath in little church. here what governor say.

We are dealing with the largest mass shooting in our state’s history. The tragedy is worsened by the fact that it took place in a church, a place of worship.

Man read what governor say too and become angry. Man ask question what monkey still think about. here what Man ask.

Does the governor mean to suggest that it’s somehow less tragic when a mass shooting takes place in, say, a movie theater or a public elementary school or a bar?

monkey too read that donald the victorious say mass shooting in church = a mental health issue & not a gun issue. but even simple brain of monkey smart enough for not fall for false dichotomy. monkey think usa have both issue & then some.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope someday republican politician leader give a crap enough for actually try do something about gun violence issue more than say thought & prayer go out to victim and survivor of victim.

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