here come thought of Man about past time.

It’s sobering to think that, really, except for this present moment, all your experiences are officially in the past, and, trust me, of those that are not already completely forgotten, most of the rest will become hazy memories at best. Of course, that’s not to say that the past is unimportant or doesn’t continue to play a role in who you are now. But, your past is much less important than what’s to come.

Now, it’s quite all right to enjoy your happy memories now and then, but as far as your less-than-happy memories, well, they don’t need to be endlessly rehashed, do they? It’s better to learn from them and make them part of your toolbox of accumulated practical wisdom.

Worrying overmuch about what’s been is a sure way to kill your present joy and to stifle or warp your future possibilities.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader maybe find something useful in old thought of Man.

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