where monkey walk on autumn trail weirdness show up sometime. yesterday monkey see thing what not = weird & thing what = weird in opinion of simple brain of monkey. monkey next make presentment of snapshot what Man take on walkies yesterday & monkey rate each 1 on scale of weirdness.

this picture = of course woolly bear caterpillar. it not weird.

when someone pick up woolly bear like Man here then woolly bear curl up in ball of defensiveness with bristle stick out. this = not weird too. it = 100 % good sense tactic for woolly bear what not able for run or fly away from danger or defend self with bad stink like skunk or poison spur like on heel of platypus.

spider here freak out monkey 100 % because it look like it in attack mode & want stick monkey with sharp fang. monkey like spider in general but spider here = very weird.

little snake wide around like pencil & not very long inspect Man & Lady & monkey. it not race away because it chilly day & maybe it not have energy enough. tiny snake here = medium weird.

here little critter about 1 + 1/8″ long with many leg. it have very shiny coating what act like mirror. if reader look with closeness reader see sky reflection in body of critter. probably Man have reflection in critter too. monkey think critter here = medium weird.

on asphalt of bikepath monkey see honeybee walk around. honeybee = not weird but honeybee what walk on asphalt = pretty weird.

here cricket. it not weird. but if it 1 foot long then it = pretty 100 % scary weird. monkey glad it = small insect.

here different cricket what have same story as first cricket.

2 grasshopper here still have interest for make more grasshopper even in autumn. at least grasshopper on top have interest. monkey think all sex = weird. that probably because monkey not really of either sex except Man & Lady think of monkey as male critter. that ok with monkey.

at end of walk monkey notice jet machine way up in sky of empty blueness. monkey think it = little bit weird that human critter on purpose fly through emptiness of air many thousand of feet above surface of earth planet while total stranger drive jet machine.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader enjoy rambling of simple brain of monkey along spectrum of weirdness today.

if reader see ad come next down there next it not from monkey. it there because Man = 100 % too cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog. monkey apologize for cheapness of Man.