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monkey see & hear news today of mass murder again in team u$a and monkey feel sorrow & pity for victim of killer monster & for family & friend of human being who monster hurt & kill.

monkey go to Man & ask if this = country Man grow up in.

Man shake head & tell monkey with anger

I used to say that this is not the country I grew up in, but I’ve been lying to myself. It’s pretty clear to me that it probably is the same country, but nowadays, as opposed to when I was a boy, the inner rot is gushing out faster than ever through its straining seams. It’s not just the mass shootings that are appalling, although they are horrific enough. It’s the culture of guns and perpetual war, the brainless prolefeed churned out by the entertainment industry, the engulfing tons of consumer crap, the deeply embedded racism and bigotry, and the dehumanizing effects of toxic capitalism and corporate greed. It’s the emboldened American-born Nazis and their loathsome kind strutting and bellowing in public, glorifying the mindset and ideology that my father and uncles went to war to fight. It’s the hypocrites who regularly show up in their pews to sing the praises of the Jesus they say they have a personal relationship with, yet who ignore his simple lessons of love and tolerance. It’s the rampant distrust of intelligence and intellect, the denial of science, and the distortion of fact and truth to promote and preserve grossly selfish ends. It’s the bullying, the drug crisis, the gender discrimination, the victim flogging, and the shameful wrapping of lies and political maneuvering in a flag. It’s regionalism and tribalism, xenophobia and polarization, the subjugation of the middle class, the scorning of the poor and the meek–all made worse by the worst among us–the contemptible rabble-rousing, fire-fanning politicians and their ass-kissing enablers, the so-called leaders we ourselves continue to allow to have power over our lives. It’s the me-first pathology which goes hand-in-hand with the us vs. them mind virus. Do you want to hear more?

monkey hold up hand & Man stop speaking. because there’s more he say. but monkey hear enough for now & have many idea for process in simple brain for rest of day and week.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader live in place where human monstrousness = under control of civilized behavior & basic morality & sane social contract. but monkey not know where on earth planet anyone find that.

if reader see ad come next down there next it not from monkey. it there because Man = 100 % too cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.