when monkey go missing because of travel far away monkey see critter what surprise monkey 100 %. it = black woodchuck what run into hole when it see Man & Lady & grandson boy. it peek out of hole under tree root when Man take snapshot. monkey never see black woodchuck ever before so it = more interesting than brown woodchuck what live in yard of neighbor of monkey & what monkey see almost every day.

monkey like idea of little burrow underground & ask Man if woodchuck = safe in hole. Man say yes it pretty safe but only if human creature not decide woodchuck = garden or property pest & plan for extermination.

Man too say snapshot up there bring to mind poem of robert frost he read many year ago but still have recollection of. monkey ask what poem & Man read it to monkey from book. here poem monkey hear.

A Drumlin Woodchuck

One thing has a shelving bank,
Another a rotting plank,
To give it cozier skies
And make up for its lack of size.

My own strategic retreat
Is where two rocks almost meet,
And still more secure and snug,
A two-door burrow I dug.

With those in mind at my back
I can sit forth exposed to attack
As one who shrewdly pretends
That he and the world are friends.

All we who prefer to live
Have a little whistle we give,
And flash, at the least alarm
We dive down under the farm.

We allow some time for guile
And don’t come out for a while
Either to eat or drink.
We take occasion to think.

And if after the hunt goes past
And the double-barreled blast
(Like war and pestilence
And the loss of common sense),

If I can with confidence say
That still for another day,
Or even another year,
I will be there for you, my dear,

It will be because, though small
As measured against the All,
I have been so instinctively thorough
About my crevice and burrow.

Man tell monkey poem = yes about woodchuck but it also about how robert frost protect self from danger of world. monkey think about that & say maybe today it about how good mans & ladies everywhere on earth planet try hard for protect selves & world against stupidity & cruelness & selfishness & hatefulness & etc of stupid & cruel & selfish & hateful mans & ladies.

Man look with surprise upon monkey & say By golly, monkey. I think you may have something there.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader enjoy picture of black woodchuck safe in hole & monkey hope reader safe in own crevice and burrow.

if reader see ad come next down there next it not from monkey. it there because Man = 100 % too cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.