again there news of moron what not know how protect security of data of many million of human creature do it again. this time there 100 % huge data breach at equifax company what collect information on everybody. that mean you too reader.

breach happen back in july but equifax just now get around to let everybody know & make pointless apology long after horse get out of barn.

big f***ing deal say Man. who needs empty, useless apologies from incompetent dipshits. but monkey note it not too late for executive at equifax who dump stock in equifax before news come out.

Man spend maybe 2 hour this morning freezing credit report for both Man & Lady at 4 big credit report company & say that = a lot better than spend many many more hour in trying to get life back if identify thief get hands on info like equifax lose. that include name + birthday + address + driver license number + social security number etc.

today monkey help reader freeze credit report & sign up for fraud alert if reader want to. Man & monkey think it good idea because many kind of info like social security number & address & etc etc etc already out there for sale to bad mans & ladies who maybe use info of reader to open new credit card account & get loan & etc etc in name of reader.

in case reader wonder if it really worth effort to freeze credit report & unfreeze for little bit when it necessary maybe to get loan or rent place to live or etc. Man say hell yes it is & here reader find out about credit freeze.

& now giant public spirit heart of monkey give link to 4 credit report company where reader can go for freeze report & get 90 day fraud alert.

before reader go take care of business there warning not to buy into equifax trusted id program. just instead go to site link what come next in list & freeze report & then go get fraud alert set up at equifax. reader make sure & do this on secure computer over encrypted https connection.

  1. equifax freeze
  2. experian freeze
  3. transunion freeze
  4. innovis freeze

next go to equifax & get fraud alert notice going. when that all set up it go automatic to experian & transunion so reader not have to go there too for set up alert. there no fraud alert option at innovis.

in finality today monkey say it also good idea for review credit report what reader can get with safety here. free credit reports.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader take precaution soon to keep bad mans & ladies from steal identity & make life 100 % miserable.

if reader see ad come next down there next it not from monkey. it there because Man = 100 % too cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.