here presentment of picture from when monkey & Man & Lady go out into nature preserve 2 day ago for walk around & see thing.

on boardwalk over marsh there many bug fly around like 2 dragonfly here what take little break from hunting.

Man have just little point & shoot camera machine so he not able for make picture what have every little feature stick out in sharpness. but here anyway more close picture of 1 red dragonfly what not zoom away when he put camera machine near it.

there not just red dragonfly in marsh. there many different kind like brown critter here. monkey like dragonfly best of all insect what fly except maybe some butterfly & moth.

everywhere monkey look there fungus. here fungus grow on tree. everybody probably know why fungus = 100 % important in world of living creature so monkey not present explanation.

under other tree there grow other fungus on ground. when Man poke it with stick many spore fly out like in alien covenant movie what scare monkey. monkey hope Man not have alien neomorph creature explode out of body in next few hour.

here last fungus picture today. monkey not push mushroom over. it like this when monkey find it. monkey wonder if it good for eat kind of mushroom. Man say stick to supermarket mushroom what ok & not liquefy internal organ of monkey.

monkey see strange leaf in woods & ask Man what kind of tree have leaf like that. Man not know but later sister of Lady know & tell Man it = tulip tree leaf. monkey wonder how sister of Lady know that & she say it because she learn all about tree & leaf when she little girl in teepee camporee summer program.

many berry now ripe in woods. monkey not eat any because many have poison.

here some for example what probably make monkey sick. berry here = white baneberry what also have nickname of dolls eyes. monkey think it obvious why berry have that nickname.

here plant what please eye of monkey because of mottledness of color & pleasantness of radiality.

chipmunk what chew electrical wiring of car in garage & cost Man $$$ for repair = pest critter. but chipmunk in woods = ok guy. chipmunk here spend maybe 4 minute watching Man & Lady & monkey in curiosity before it disappear.

what in heck that on leaf monkey ask Man. Man say it have name gall & tiny mite critter probably cause it. that right away remind monkey that Lady have gall bladder organ removed this week in operation. monkey wonder if mite cause gall bladder problem for Lady.

tree here show evidence of human activity. monkey wonder if todd + sue still together. or maybe todd + sue find other human creature for togetherness with. or maybe 1 or both of todd + sue vanish from earth planet. there many possibility but there only 1 true answer to what happen to todd + sue.

off in woods monkey spot old bottle & again wonder about human creature what leave it in woods long ago. monkey wonder who take last drink of liquid from bottle & where that person go next & what job person have & if person have nice family or if todd + sue leave bottle in woods or etc etc. every piece of human stuff = little piece of big story monkey think. even if it just broken bottle in woods.

on way out of woods monkey see little dot hang in air between 2 twig. it = tiny spider creature what wait for bug come into web. monkey wish spider good luck & then leave woods for go home.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader enjoy labor day & maybe go explore woods & marsh if there place like that near reader.

if reader see ad come next down there next it not from monkey. it there because Man = 100 % too cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.