monkey make presentment today of 2 bug what puzzle Man when he see them on walkies yesterday. why. here why. 2 bug = nymph form of grown up bug. that mean they = immature & not look like adult. here picture what Man take of 2 nymph.

up there first reader see nymph of green stink bug on milkweed plant. green stink bug live all over continent of north america & it = huge crop pest. nymph & adult bug make nasty foul stink when someone give them pestering. nymph in picture soon shed away covering & become just green in coloration. click on picture for story of green stink bug with many picture of egg & different nymph & adult.

next here reader make observation of nymph of leaf footed bug. after bug hatch from egg & before bug = adult it go through 5 stage of nymph. there different kind of leaf footed bug but one in picture have name acanthocephala terminalis. if reader want see other picture of bug in different stage of development then click picture up there.

when monkey see all different form of bug monkey scratch head in wonderment & ask why bug not just always look same & just get bigger when it come out of egg. it seem like crazy complication that bug go through many stage of different appearance. Man not know answer and tell monkey that monkey now have new research project of find out why that happen.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader enjoy presentment of bug nymph today & keep eye open for cool bug in world of nature.

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