now here come picture what Man take yesterday on stroll into nature with monkey & Lady. monkey tell little story with every picture.

here = 2 flying critter what share nice spot in sun. on left there house fly. on right maybe that = small paper wasp. monkey not really believe tiny brain in creature up there have space for idea of sharing. it probably just accident that fly & wasp show up in same place at same time. Man say it much like a lot of human interaction.

of a sudden new fly land on warm place. it even more tiny than 2 neighbor & have great attractivness of green shininess. monkey have moment of philosophicalness & wonder out loud what = meaning of life of tiny fly up there. Man laugh & say ultimately pretty much the same as ours, little monkey, but we differ in that it doesn’t share with us the ability to torment itself with that question and to make up fairy tales as answers.

now there many grasshopper jump & fly all over place. from distance grasshopper not look like much but in closeness monkey see many color & shape of great interest.

here 1 other grasshopper hide in vegetation. Man tell monkey that 1 time when he boy of maybe 10 he catch & bake some grasshopper until crispy for eating. he say it good idea for remove wing & add little bit salt before devourment. it pretty tasty snack say Man. monkey say it cruel to grasshopper what only mind own business in buglike way but Man say it no more cruel than eating of any plant or animal what only live life in own way.

insect critter on flower here = pennsylvania leatherwing beetle say Man. it very big eater of aphid & it also big time pollinator. so if reader see leatherwing beetle monkey ask reader let critter go about business. also if reader pester beetle it let out great stink from rear end. this beetle have other name too what = goldenrod soldier.

uh oh. another crab spider. Lady spot this critter on queen annes lace flower what all done blooming and now curl up into little seed basket. no web for crab spider & no running around in hunt. no. crab spider wait in patience & motionlessness for unobservant bee or fly or butterfly or etc.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader take advice of monkey & walk into nature with eye open for see cool stuff of late summer.

if reader see ad come next down there next it not from monkey. it there because Man = 100 % too cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.