today monkey post fyi what answer question where monkey go for last 2 week & next 2 week what come in future of today. here answer. monkey not go anywhere. why monkey not write then. here why. Man have not much time for help monkey write because grandson boy of Man & Lady come visit for 1 month of summertime at house of Man & Lady.

when grandson boy go to home in 2 week then monkey start write again & share picture again. but now monkey & Man have too much fun with grandson boy for want make writing in blog.

in case reader miss picture presentation of monkey here picture of beetle what sit on thumb of Man when grandson boy float on alligator in pool.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader still have good feeling of friendship with monkey.

if reader see ad come next down there next it not from monkey. it there because Man = 100 % too cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.