here today monkey make presentment of snapshot picture bonanza what Man take yesterday around house where live monkey & on walkies on nature path. with no more delay here come picture with small note of explaining story for picture.

here 1 ant feed 1 other ant on orange what Man nail on tree for oriole birdie.

mama cardinal birdie lay 4 egg in new nest # 2 in lilac bush by house. pretty soon there more little cardinal on earth planet.

on nature path sharp eye of Lady spot monarch caterpillar # 2 what Man & Lady & monkey so far see this year 2017.

here 1 more picture of spiffy larva # 2.

little flying insect enjoy lunch from little white wildflower.

pretty beetle bug critter walk around on end of stalk of grass.

chicory plant now start make beautiful flower where live monkey.  click here for find out about chicory coffee. chicory = relative of dandelion.

big pink clover flower here about 3X more big than little white clover what grow all over in lawn of Man. Man remember when he = little boy he eat clover blossom once in while. clover = in pea family of plant.

maybe this what oxeye daisy flower look like when bee fly in for landing but monkey not know exactly what light wavelength bee see.

here insect what look like some kind bee what land on other daisy.

this = plantain plant what go into seed.

here big poofy seed head where once there flower. this poof much more big than dandelion.

tiny fly what look like bee rest near white flower. picture =  little bit blurry because Man have hand what not young anymore & sometime hand have little shake.

here pretty wildflower what Man not know name of.

this 1 more pretty wildflower Man not know. monkey see in picture webby stuff what maybe spider make.

here last pretty wildflower today what Man not able for tell name. this also last picture today.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader have enjoyment of 1st day of summer  yesterday & enjoy snapshot of nature what monkey share nice today.

if reader see ad come next down there next it not from monkey. it there because Man = 100 % too cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.