first today monkey wish every reader & whole earth planet happy summer solstice. for very cool info about solstice & invitation for join bill nye & celebrate solstice click here.

next monkey tell story of what monkey see yesterday when Man say aha & point at milkweed plant. what have we here he say with smile. monkey look close and start have smile too.

Lady flip milkweed leaf over with carefulness for better look. now everybody smile. why. here why. this = 1st monarch butterfly caterpillar Man & Lady & monkey see this year 2017.

caterpillar have other name what = larva. larva eat only just milkweed what make larva taste 100 % terrible to bird predator. bright stripe on larva also = warning for bird stay away. when larva turn into butterfly it still have terrible taste to bird. monkey wonder how nature figure out protection for monarch. Man say it’s a matter of differential survival and reproduction but monkey not understand that.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader enjoy glance at pretty soon monarch butterfly.

if reader see ad come next down there next it not from monkey. it there because Man = 100 % too cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.