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while big distracting politics circus go on in headlines heartless cruelty hatch in invisible backrooms. monkey think reader need know what moral imbecile have in store for team u$a. click picture down there for whole story in washington post what have title how the republican moral coward caucus is about to see out its own constituents in secret. that just little excerpt below picture.

The fate of the American health-care system now rests with a group of allegedly “moderate” senators, who are getting ready to approve a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act, a repeal bill so monumental in its cruelty that they feel they have no choice but to draft it in secret, not let the public know what it does, hold not a single hearing or committee markup, slip it in a brown paper package to the Congressional Budget Office, then push it through to a vote before the July 4th recess before the inevitable backlash gets too loud.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader please share story with other human of good heart and conscience & vote moral imbecile out of office at first opportunity.

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