no politics today. that probably make reader of monkey blog happy. topic today make monkey happy too. yay. now monkey give title of presentment of today & then make presentment.

title = out & about with Man & Lady & camera

here first today reader see little flycatcher birdie what have name eastern wood peewee. it sit high in tree & wait with patience for bug fly by & then it swoop out & grab bug. peewee make tiny nest what it cover with lichen for camouflage. song sound like pee a wee. here link for listen.

where monkey live it time for wild strawberry. wild strawberry what dangle on little vine & smell like strawberry when pinched = ok for eating + delicious in taste. there also plant what have name mock strawberry what point up into air & not smell or taste like strawberry. it ok for eat too with good nutrition + vitamin c but it not taste so good as wild strawberry.

today again monkey hear sweet pretty singing of favorite warbler of Man what = redstart. if reader want hear song too then go here.

spider here look 100 % ferocious but it really very tiny so monkey not have fear. monkey never know there so many different spider where live monkey. Man not know what kind this spider = but he say it pretty cool. favorite spider of monkey = jumping spider & monkey hope someday Man take nice picture for put here on blog.

here poofy seed of flower what 100 % all over where live monkey.

catbird sing in tree here. it make mew sound like kitty but it also copy song of other bird. catbird like to skulk around & keep location secret but sometime it come out & sit & sing for maybe 10 minute. go here for listen to catbird. monkey think mew sound = spiffy.

yay here first monarch butterfly Man & Lady & monkey see in this year 2017. pretty soon butterfly start making egg on milkweed plant & caterpillar come for turn into more butterfly what lay more egg & etc etc.

frothy mass here about 1 inch top to bottom & it made from plant juice by froghopper baby what have name spittlebug for protect self. if reader have interest in more info about spittlebug then click here.

Man say he think this flower = hawkweed but he not sure.

here oxeye dairy with cool beetle on it. no monkey & Man not know what kind of beetle this =. where live monkey there 1000s different kind of beetle. monkey wonder if number of petal & spiraling pattern in flower have something in relation to fibonacci sequence. Man leave that for exercise for monkey & monkey leave that for exercise for reader.

when monkey come home from walk he go with Man to look at orange on tree what Man put there for oriole birdie. monkey notice ant love orange too.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader enjoy stroll with monkey into nature today.

if reader see ad come next down there next it not from monkey. it there because Man = 100 % too cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.