monkey yesterday go on expedition not far from house with Man & Lady & see cool birdie. monkey know it nice for share nice with friend so here 3 picture.

this birdie = tree swallow. it = flying ace what move like acrobat artist when it chase flying insect. it enjoy living in hole in tree but it also like living in box like in picture up there what nice human make for it. when swallow migrate sometime there big flock of 100000 come together & swirl around like whirlwind while birdie settle down for roost at night. that something monkey would 100 % like see.

here osprey sit on huge nest of stick on tall tower what human make for it. sometime nest of osprey = so big that even human can sit it in. osprey = hawk with wicked crooked beak what hunt fish what it catch with sharp talon in shallow water. it big bird what get near 2 feet long with wingspan of near 6 feet. Man tell monkey osprey eat also muskrat & mouse & bird & etc. monkey wonder if osprey eat monkey but Man tell monkey calm down because probably not.

near osprey nest monkey see weird thing on pole & ask Man what it =. Man tell monkey it special house human put up for purple martin. it look like little neighborhood to monkey & Man say that correct. purple martin = social swallow. monkey watch martin flap & swoop around hunting bug in air & swoop down to skim pond for scoop up water for drink. neighbor of Man when he = little boy have martin house in backyard what always full of martin & Man remember many happy time of watch come & go of beautiful martin. in picture up there reader see 2 martin. 1 perch & 1 zoom in for landing.

speak of nest Man tell monkey happy news. cardinal build nest # 2 in lilac bush by bathroom window & soon come # 2 brood of cardinal. monkey keep reader up to date on development in new cardinal nest. there still 1 unhatched egg in nest # 1 & Man say it going to stay that way.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader live where there many cool bird for watch. even in big city like new york city there > 200 birdie species in central park. click link back there for see many picture. there even twitter manhattan bird alert @birdcentralpark.

if reader see ad come next down there next it not from monkey. it there because Man = 100 % too cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.