today instead of monkey make comment about disaster & lunacy in world of human civilization monkey make presentation of pix Man take yesterday in world of nature.

where walk Man & Lady & monkey yesterday Man stop for take picture of wilson. someone long ago last year carve wilson into tree trunk & monkey notice already wilson disappearing into bark & under lichen. soon there no wilson for anyone see. Man say this = lesson for monkey that many time natural process overcome attempt of Man for leave mark on nature. monkey like idea of impermanence & hope in far future after human creature finally all gone from earth planet that nature erase over scar of human enterprise.

here common cricket creature again. monkey look forward for sit outside on porch with Man & Lady in summer twilight & listen to song of zillion of cricket & other cool insect what have name katydid.

here grasshopper insect creature. Man think it nymph stage of grasshopper what common all over where live monkey. monkey not know why but curiosity make monkey ask Man if he ever eat grasshopper. Man say yes long ago when he = boy he make experiment of eat toasted grasshopper & it not taste bad with little bit salt & pepper. Man tell monkey there restaurant toloache in new york city what serve grasshopper taco. monkey make Man promise take monkey to toloache next time Man & Lady & monkey go visit in new york city.

in post sometime before today monkey show picture of six spotted green tiger beetle. here today monkey show variation of basic model. it have blue area on back & some spot = more like blotch. monkey enjoy see variation in nature because if everything in species look 100 % same with exactness then it boring.

near house of Man & Lady there live chipmunk what tolerate presence of human creature & enjoy seed what Man & Lady throw around for bird. here picture of wilder chipmunk what find food for self. monkey say it look like it say prayer but Man make frown face & say it just eating & for monkey not anthropomorphize in ridiculous manner.

oriole boy birdie come perch for while by Man & Lady and stick around enough time for Man take snapshot. monkey think if Man = more better with camera then maybe picture = more pretty like in national geographic. Man laugh & say he do best he can with what he have.

in last post monkey show grown up coopers hawk with red eye up in nest what Man & Lady keep in surveillance. yesterday there different younger coopers hawk with yellow eye sit by edge of nest. monkey & Man & Lady wonder what in heck going on up there.

at end of walkies monkey look up into far awayness of empty blue sky & see little point on end of white line. monkey have confusion & ask Man what = point what travel across blue emptiness like comet. Man smile & take picture & tell monkey point = jet airplane what not crash to ground because 3 lb of brain in skull of pilot in working condition. monkey ask Man if people on jet = happy traveler like monkey on train. Man smile again & say it depend on what & where they come from + what & where they go to. then Man smile again & add it also depend on what level of civility passenger on jet maintain. & if there air turbulence.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader maybe able for tell monkey what going on around hawk nest.

if reader see ad come next down there next it not from monkey. it there because Man = 100 % too cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.