today monkey share nice with reader little bit of pleasantness with picture + story what monkey experience in last few day.

here bird what have name greater yellowlegs. Man tell monkey it now just pass through where live monkey on way to far up north around hudson bay. bird look like it have only 1 leg but monkey see it tuck other leg up.

here another creature Man see on bikepath asphalt. it small milkweed bug. heart shape on back make identifying easy say Man. there no milkweed seed yet in springtime so bug here become scavenger & eat other stuff like caterpillar & nectar from flower & honeybee & other beetle etc.

woods come alive with leaf & moss & look inviting for come walk in. but this year there many tick around what carry nasty bacteria. last week Man walk off bikepath for couple minutes for take picture & pick up deer tick what he find later while in shower. he remove disgusting tick & take it to doctor who send it for testing & put Man on doxycycline until result come back. when result come back Man have relief because tick test ok negative for lyme disease. monkey tell all hiker in woods & tall grass & even lawn of northeast usa to watch out for tick.

there many dandelion still all over & here picture of insect Man take without go off bikepath into tall grass. monkey ask Man what insect = & Man say it look like little mason wasp but he not sure because there so many different wasp where live monkey.

and now come picture from own back yard of monkey.

here another cardinal picture at feeder machine. cardinal come every day for chew seed what Lady put out. it common birdie here where live monkey & monkey glad because it have outstanding prettiness of appearance & song.

rose breasted grosbeak also come to feeder machine but not so much as cardinal. it not cooperate & turn nice so Man get good picture of rose color before it fly away. reader can see here just little bit of redness. grosbeak also have pretty song. grosbeak up there = male. female have drabness & look like big sparrow.

there still some few white crowned sparrow hang around house of monkey. soon they take off to even more far north than yellowlegs for summer breeding.

sometime bunny & chipmunk come together in yard for forage. chipmunk grab birdseed for store in underground chamber & bunny eat weed what Man let grow in chemical free lawn. it make monkey happy for see how different species of bird & mammal come together in same place without have war over food.

now here come topic # 2 of today.

maybe reader wonder some why monkey not anymore make so many comment about shabby moral imbecile politician creature & slimeworld of politics. here why. it 100 % bring down joyful spirit of monkey for concentrate thought on wretched muck what ooze from degenerate brain of politician.

instead monkey more prefer for example exercise brain in happy place of reading & walking in nature & watching british tv & replaying memory of happy time like when grandson boy come visit & doing simple chore what give satisfaction when done & planning for go theater & traveling & etc. activity like that invite more pleasantness into simple thought life of monkey than thinking about monster what go on tear of moral + ethical decay. like politician creature. or corporation. or tinpot dicatator. or wingnut ideologue. or etc etc etc.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader not mind too much monkey take break from make many up to date comment on lowest form of human activity.

if reader see ad come next down there next it not from monkey. it there because Man = 100 % too cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.