today again monkey resist temptation urge for write about moral imbecile politician creature & rotting swamp of washington & state of society & culture. instead monkey again focus on world of nature.

now monkey share nice with reader picture from back yard & bikepath walkies of last 2 day.

resident cardinal today have visitor what = song sparrow. monkey love for hear music of song sparrow in hedge & thicket. if reader want hear song then click on picture up there for go to another page.

now goldfinch come with more frequentness to feeder machine. bright yellow finch = male & more olive in color finch = female. monkey think goldfinch = chatty bird. click on picture of finch up there for go listen on audubon site to sound what goldfinch make in 14 sound file of call & songl.

every day Man & Lady look out window in kitchen in hope for see that little bunny come for eat & not get snatched by hawk what hang around neighborhood. so far so good.

fern plant rise through dirt of woods & pretty soon fiddlehead top open up 100 %. Man tell monkey some fiddlehead ok for eat but it best for be careful because some fiddlehead = toxic. Man tell monkey it good rule for not eat anything in nature unless you know exactly what you put into mouth.

where live Man & Lady & monkey there many crabapple tree what make flower in spring & fill air with pretty smell & fill eye with pretty color. Man & Lady always enjoy stick nose in flower unless there bee working in flower.

always monkey like pattern in nature because monkey = pattern seeking animal. yesterday monkey see pattern of water & dirt & plant what please eye of monkey.

here last picture today. tiny creature on bikepath asphalt here = pillbug. Man tell monkey it = only crustacean on earth planet what can spend whole life on land. 1 cool thing about pillbug = it roll self up into little ball for protection. when Man = little boy he push pillbug with little twig until pillbug get annoyance & roll up & then Man roll pillbug around for fun. this not sound like much fun to monkey. especially for pillbug.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope if reader ever see pillbug then reader not pester  pillbug like Man & leave pillbug in peace.

if reader see ad come next down there next it not from monkey. it there because Man = 100 % too cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.