yesterday Man & Lady & monkey go again on expedition of exploration of nearby nature place. Man & Lady & monkey travel all over but sometime best trip < 5 mile from home.

Man make more picture with camera machine & say Go ahead, monkey. Share nice with your readers. so that what monkey do today.

monkey notice many new flower come up in springtime but some flower already go into seed. monkey want pick flower & blow seed all over but Man say for monkey let breeze take care of that. sometime monkey think Man = spoilsport.

here nice brown hunter spider what blend into background of leaf litter. it = pretty fast running spider but it hold nice pose for Man while he fiddle with camera machine.

again good eye of Lady spot small critter on bikepath asphalt. it = millipede. it have 2 pair of little leg on each segment part of body but monkey guess millipede not really have 1000 leg. if reader want count body segment in picture up there & multiply X 4 to prove monkey correct then monkey say go for it.

it always = pleasant for make pause in walking to smell flower.

on trail there hawk nest Man & Lady & monkey keep eye on. today it empty of bird but then Lady spot hawk what nest there far off in woods. Man grab 1 picture before it fly away. Man tell monkey bird = coopers hawk.

when Man & Lady & monkey come back home Lady see chipmunk what make home by porch relaxing in sun on brick. chipmunk run up drain pipe under brick but Lady go get sunflower seed & make chipping noise & pretty soon out come chipmunk who stuff face with seed.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader enjoy story of nature walkies of yesterday.

if reader see ad come next down there next it not from monkey. it there because Man = too 100 % cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.