today where live Man & Lady & monkey it = 100 % perfect day for get off fanny & go into nature instead of do boring yard work even if all neighbor go out & mow lawn etc. the yard can wait say Man. here some picture Man take today what monkey now share nice with reader.

here first reader see pretty wildflower what have name red trillium. monkey see white trillium flower many time in woods before but this first time monkey see trillium with redness.

Lady walk on trail while Man stop for take picture of pretty yellow flower what have name trout lily. it also have name adders tongue. monkey love when flower come in spring from where once there just snow & cold dirt.

here more yellowness monkey see today. this = little warbler birdie what have name yellow rumped warbler. in next picture down there reader see why it have that name.

here yellow rump of birdie show in plainness.

always monkey love hear music of song sparrow in spring & all summer. sparrow not have great prettiness but song = beautiful.

here 2 wasp do something what monkey not understand. Man too not know what they do but he say it look like grooming ritual maybe

monkey hear rustle in leaf litter on floor of woods and see long snake. many snake now glide around in warmness of sun. many monkey have instinct fear of snake but not sock monkey who love sleek coolness of legless reptile.

turtle come out from water in pond & warm up on log. monkey join with turtle in joyful basking in warmth & light.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader also have place nearby for bask in warmth & light and enjoy many sight & sound & smell & etc of nature.

if reader see ad come next down there next it not from monkey. it there because Man = too 100 % cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.