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here some quote from next book # 3 on list.

The worl is ful of things waiting to happen. Thats the meat and boan of it right there. You myt think you can jus go here and there doing nothing. Happening nothing. You cant tho you bleeding cant. You put your self on any road and some thing wil show its self to you. Wanting to happen. Waiting to happen. You myt say, ‘I dont want to know.’ But 1ce its showt its self to you you wil know wont you. You cant not know no mor. There it is and working in you. You myt try to put a farness be twean you and it only you cant becaws youre carrying it inside you. The waiting to happen aint out there where it ben no more its inside you.”

O what we ben! And what we come to!

2 quote up there come from novel riddley walker by russell hoban. Man say it 1 of best book he read about far future world & it have 100 % fun of challenging language. monkey ask Man if world of book = possible. Man make laugh & say not just possible, little monkey, but probable.



this picture not in book. just word up there in book.

monkey bet book not in public library of reader so here now monkey make presentment of link for reader get expanded edition of book with note & glossary. monkey make suggestment of reader take peek inside book for sample of writing. 2nd review of 1 star there come with obviousness from someone with lazy or dim brain who miss point.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader take challenge of read riddley walker for fun & for exercise of brain & for look into maybe future of human creature.

if reader see ad come next down there next it not from monkey. it there because Man = too 100 % cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.