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yes monkey say no more politics here until after election but monkey have need for venting so today monkey make presentment of 10 word & phrase what fatigue simple brain of poor monkey immigrant from foreign factory 100 %.

  1. personal server
  2. i’ll fight for
  3. believe me
  4. surrogate
  5. groping
  6. clinton email
  7. rigged
  8. wikileaks
  9. latest poll
  10. battleground state

monkey wonder what word & phrase reader 100 % sick + tired of hear over & over & over etc. monkey also pretty sick & tired of hand gesture of billionaire donaldthe trump & monotonous bellowing of madam secretary clinton.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope brain & stomach of monkey hold up until after day of election.

if reader see ad come next down there next it not from monkey. it there because Man = too 100 % cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.