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before monkey answer why vote question monkey have other first topic. 2 day ago monkey share invention of rating scale 1 – 10 of good smell for use in metaphorical way. then idea occur in simple brain of monkey that invention of useful scale of 1 – 10 of bad smell possible too. today monkey share invention with reader of rating scale of 1 – 10 where 1 = bad smell & 10 = most nauseous stench. here now come monkey scale of stinkiness.

1 = mildewy basement
2 = damp beagle
3 = gas station bathroom
4 = fire in tire warehouse
5 = air what rise up from city sewer grate
6 = wad of abdominal fold yeast
7 = large scale chicken farm during heat wave
8 = cat pee what soak into carpet in closet what kitty turn into secret bathroom
9 = liquid pig manure lagoon
10 = discharge from rear end of beelzebub & satan in farting contest

here monkey give example of usefulness of scale. monkey think debate # 3 of 2016 race to house of whiteness rate # 5.

now monkey answer question of why vote. yes politics & politician creature give off stink but monkey today say to reader it = 100 % important for get out & vote & not stay home in disgustedness or apatheticness or despair or etc. why. here why.

# 1 it = civic duty of all citizen lucky enough to live in democracy.

# 2 not voting = same as double value of vote of supporter of more awful candidate for any office not just potus.


monkey leave it to brain of reader to listen to franklin d roosevelt & figure out where all duopoly candidate fall on stink scale up there & then make choice of reason + intelligence & then vote for candidate who do least damage to team u$a & earth planet. here illustration of what good citizen do on day of voting november 8.


here visual metaphor of good citizen who approach voting booth with determination.


here where good citizen do civic duty & exercise right to vote for least toxic politician creature.

goodbye today reader.  monkey hope that day left until election 2016 go very fast by with 100 % great speed and stink fog + lunacy + absurdity + scariness + depressingness of politics lift for little while from amber wave of grain & sea to shining sea in # 1 exceptional team u$a america land of free home of brave.

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