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here today rest of picture from nature walk monkey take little while of time ago. after picture come question what agitate simple brain of monkey many day.


in 1 other pond monkey explore there not so much water as usual. that because there brutal hotness & little rain this summer where live monkey. but pond pretty anyway. monkey think it look little bit prehistoric & have imagination that stegosaurus come out from woods for get drink & fight with allosaurus. Man laugh & tell monkey it about 150 million year too late for that.


then there another pond with many water lily and rush plant & dead tree along edge. line of nature go up & down & across in nice pattern with color & light & darkness. this please eye of monkey even > than painting of monet.


in 1 more pond old log now stuck in muck. maybe someone think it look nasty but monkey think there beauty there.


monkey like texture in nature too like here in picture of dead tree branch with orange fungus and little trail what bark beetle dig into wood.


and here reader see little white fungus growth what help break down not anymore alive stuff into little piece what go back into ground. monkey think something eat at fungus up there.


here more fungus what different from other fungus monkey show already. it remind monkey of little piece coral and look little bit fractal. matter of fact it have name coral fungus.


Man think this fungus have name dryads saddle maybe.  it = big pretty fungus what live up on dead hardwood tree. now come 2 picture more of same fungus.



here reader see underneath dryads saddle. monkey think it have pleasant curving shape.


here tree part what someone cut down long ago in time. how long ago monkey wonder & ask Man. Man say it hard to tell but in 50 year no one know tree ever there. Man say so it goes.


before on other post monkey show picture of milkweed bug when they little instar without spot. instar = name of science for stage of development between skin molting. now bug grow up more with spots. what bug doing here maybe reader wonder. monkey give information that bug wait for seed of milkweed plant to eat.


milkweed bug = harmless natural control of milkweed plant. that = good thing for gardener. but it not good for monarch butterfly larva creature what eat milkweed leaf.


here last picture of nature walk. more bug. reader probably figure out that monkey like bug.

now monkey ask big agitating question.

how emerge all nature stuff from proton + neutron + electron & organize into fungus & beaver & bug & thistle & etc etc etc. & how emerge mind of monkey what ask question.

even more big question = why any stuff like fungus & bug & mind & etc emerge from proton + neutron + election.

even more big question = why there anything at all.

monkey ask Man but Man smile & shrug shoulder & answer i dont know. it would be nice to know but how would it change my life if i did. monkey hate when Man do that.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader enjoy travel with monkey in place of nature. if reader know answer to big agitating question maybe reader tell monkey.

if reader see ad come next down there next it not from monkey. it there because Man = too 100 % cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.