1 other day not long ago Man & Lady & monkey go walk in nature place nearby house where live monkey. it fair weather day & Man take picture & later monkey pick picture for blog post here today & tomorrow. here come picture.


in nature place where walk monkey there live beaver mammal creature. here 1 pond where beaver busy do whatever beaver do. monkey not see beaver today. so how monkey know it beaver pond. that come in next picture.


here tree near beaver pond up there. now monkey ask reader look close at bottom of tree. if maybe reader need look of more closeness then go next picture.


mark what look like chisel make them on trunk of tree = where beaver bite hard on tree. that how monkey know pond up there = beaver pond.


monkey have big disappointedness about not see beaver but Man tell monkey wait a while & something turn up what interest monkey. monkey ask what & Man tell monkey have patience. pretty soon red bird fly into tree near monkey & it watch monkey while monkey watch bird. it bird what have name cardinal. it male bird. female bird not so colorful.


monkey ask Man what come next & Man laugh & say no one know & just keep eye open. monkey walk along & of a sudden see little furry tufty caterpillar insect walk on milkweed plant. monkey ask Man what kind caterpillar it = but Man not know & tell monkey it ok for just enjoy sight without put name to it.


monkey walk 1 bit more and see little fly land on tiny flower. monkey wonder if fly pick up pollen stuff like bee.


then next on path monkey spot thistle plant & on flower there some sort bee what walk all around flower. monkey start have question of more deepness than what name human creature give bee here.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader come back tomorrow for see rest of picture monkey have ready & find out what = big question what move around in simple brain of monkey. maybe reader already know.

if reader see ad come next down there next it not from monkey. it there because Man = too 100 % cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.