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today monkey invent 2 new metaphor thing. # 1 metaphor = for all toady of mr donald the trump. monkey now make presentment of 1st new metaphor thing with example of specificness.

monkey write about representative christopher carl chris collins before. maybe reader forget so monkey make reminder that little republicrap remora collins = 1st congressman what jump on tail of coat of dear leader donald the trump. he not really remora. that 1st metaphor what monkey make.

little remora collins say mr trump not just = candidate. little remora collins say donald trump is a movement. little remora collins also say if he asked me to be secretary of commerce id say yes. it pretty easy for see game plan of little remora collins.

monkey not hear much lately from little remora collins after lord & master mr donald the trump keep on with vomit venom & insult & stoopididity & lunacy all over # 1 exceptional team u$a america land of free home of brave. monkey wonder if little remora collins still think he someday = secretary of commerce.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope little remora collins & all other trump toady go down hard with mr donald the trump. now here come metaphor # 2. monkey think little remora collins = 100 % correct when he say mr donald the trump = a movement. mr donald the trump = a movement all right. he = large painful bowel movement what pass through body politic of team u$a.

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