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monkey read speech of mr donald the trump from republicrap national coronation last night yesterday. monkey scratch head & ponder all thing mr donald the trump say. then monkey realize it not just scary & alarming & dark & etc.

monkey not = scholar of bible book but when boiled down to few word it look like message of mr donald the trump sound like cribbing what mr jesus the christ say in john 14 6.

I am the way, the truth, and the life.

monkey think mr the donald trump little more than classless bully with great hole of neediness for liking & approval what he try fill with money & power & multiple wife & robot ass kisser & etc. monkey not think mr donald the trump = fit for messiah job.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope mr donald the trump maybe go read whole speech of mr jesus the christ sermon on mount someday and crib from that. but that probably not happen.

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