simple brain of monkey always full of many question what puzzle monkey. but monkey believe puzzle of big question = way for spend time in thinking with enjoyableness. here 8 of some lately question what run around in mind of monkey like hamster in wheel.

  • in place of firstness where come mind of monkey from anyway.
  • can monkey use free will when making choice between 2 thing like hot dog or hamburger. or etc. monkey wonder if free will maybe just = illusion of wishful creature. but if it true everything in universe already programmed then how come it feel like monkey have free will.
  • if there such thing as free will then monkey wonder what = most big & best moral system in universe for sort out good & bad behavior of creature what able for make choice. but if there no free will then what = point of moral system.
  • Man = very mathy & love number but monkey wonder if number = real thing or just made up thing. Man not have answer what satisfy monkey.
  • here another number thingy what puzzle monkey. everybody know 1 + 1 = 2. but what mean “1” & “+” & “=” & “2”.
  • who have most real view of life + universe + everything. believer or agnostic or atheist.
  • how come things = the way they are instead of 1 of many zillion of other way they could be.
  • is meaning of life for bacteria or amoeba or bee or whale = same as meaning of life for monkey or human creature.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader maybe join monkey in think about big puzzle question up there or other question. monkey say go ahead share idea in comment today.

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