again monkey come home from big apple city of new york. Man take many picture & monkey soon make presentment of picture & story of thing what monkey see & hear & etc in new york city. first Man need fix up picture & that take little while so reader need have patienceness for delay of gratification.

today monkey make presentment of strange thing what monkey see when go on walk 1 day before monkey go on train to new york city. 1st 2 picture not = strange. rest of picture = strange in opinionation of monkey.

1st monkey see little red squirrel mammal eat nut on branch. this not unusual because squirrel eat with frequentness in tree.


then monkey see whirligig beetle swim all over top of water in marsh near where squirrel up there live. beetle remind monkey of traffic in manhattan place in new york but no horn blow loud in marsh.


then monkey go more on different trail & see in nowhere distanceness old building what nobody use anymore. here crappy old building monkey find.


monkey want go inside for explore & Man say ok. here next come bunch of picture of what monkey see. monkey glad Man & monkey not find decomposing human body or monster in there. many white spot on floor in many picture = bird poop because many bird make nest in ceiling place of buidling.












monkey wonder why anyone want go in crappy old building in nowhere place & paint on wall stuff what not make sense in simple brain of monkey. Man say it = because of same ancient urge of human cave dweller creature to leave trace of mortal self on cave wall & now today on any other place else what handy like side of train car or on bridge & etc. maybe reader have more better explanation than Man.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader find interestingness in picture up there what puzzle monkey.

if reader see ad come next down there IT NOT FROM SOCK MONKEY. it there because Man = too 100 % cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.