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come back after read post & click picture for more quotation from mr george orwell.

monkey not have big surprise when monkey see what politician from great state new york christopher carl chris collins say when he interpret word of his lord & master mr donald the trump. down there next monkey pretend monkey ask mr collins about talk of mr donald the trump about wall & deportation. reply = what mr collins say for real.


monkey remember trump toady mr collins = 1st congressman what hurry & jump on coattail of mr donald the trump & make endorsement of mr donald the trump. now mr collins go out & interpret saying of master for multitude. monkey not sure but think maybe it possible trump toady angling for future big payoff & high position & power.

monkey today make recommendation of essay by mr george orwell politics and the english language. Man say it = 1 of most important essay anyone ever write & it 100 % important now because language now become even more & more tool of all kind of manipulator human being. monkey not mention any name.

goodbye today reader. Man say it very hard for pry weasel from hole but monkey hope for high crime against language & intelligence that businessman & congressman mr christopher carl chris collins get boot from congress of # 1 exceptional team u$a america land of free home of brave when election time roll around on november 8 in year 2016.

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