again monkey make exploration of nature with Man & Lady & now make presentment of more picture & story from walk around today.

here in #1 picture reader see 2 red winged blackbird sit in tree by cattail marsh. Man like picture even if it not show redness of wing. if reader want see up closeness of red winged blackbird then go click. & hear song too.


in marsh monkey see canada goose with baby swim around. monkey hope gosling baby watch out for snapping turtle what live in marsh too. and fox too.


here picture of palm warbler bird Man see sit on twig by cattail. it also have nickname wagtail warbler because it wag tail with large frequency.


Man walk around more and see rose breasted grosbeak again & hear song & this time get more nice picture of pretty bird. if reader want hear song then go ahead click here.


far up in tree monkey hear pretty whistle of baltimore oriole & have amazement for see oriole bird perch on nest. that something monkey not see every day. for more fact of interestingness about oriole like where bird get name or what tongue of oriole like click here.


now here picture of underneath part of other oriole. Man pretty sure this = female oriole. because of color.


Man say wow when he spot 1 more grosbeak what sit in tree with flower & have snack. it not fly away while Man take picture what unusual for bird in wild place.


grosbeak stretch out & reach for food.


grosbeak stick face in flower.


grosbeak still hunt for snack in flower. maybe gosbeak eat flower.


here last picture today of grosbeak who now sit pretty & enjoy eat something.


now come picture of song sparrow what fly into tree where grosbeak eat & sit for little while. Man say song sparrow = common bird but that = good thing because it fill air all over with pretty song.


goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader not start have boredom with blog post monkey make with bird. monkey love bird & just want share nice with reader.

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