today monkey make continuation of new york city travel report with more picture & story. now with no more intermission here come report.


here Lady stand with grandson of Man & Lady in park where it cold and there not many leaf on tree but flower still come out. in back there hudson river & on other side = great state new jersey where live governor chris christie who just little while ago prove he = 1 more typical slimy politician when he become toady male servant of mr donald the trump. Man & Lady like take grandson for walk in park for exercise & fun & maybe find playground & see thing what have interestingness.


down many step in park go Man & Lady & grandson to find hudson river. at bottom of step there tunnel on left what go to river where there boat & water bird & bridge & many people run and exercise & old shoe what float in water. monkey not put picture of shoe next because it not interesting. it just old shoe. in tunnel Lady & grandson have fun make echo noise with voice and stamping feet.


in park by river there playground for dog what live in city apartment. all dog have great excitement for escape apartment for little while & run + play + bark. sometime dog get aggression and owner come in for break up almost fight. monkey think aggression dog need go somewhere for training for teach dog how = nice & polite & play nice with other dog. grandson like watch dog & Lady tell him that Man & Lady maybe soon get dog companion creature when litter of cavalier king charles spaniel they wait for come out from mother. monkey not jealous of new dog in house because monkey want dog companion too.


speak of cavalier king charles spaniel here grandson pet one he meet in park. dog here have short haircut but dog Man & Lady get probably keep longer hair. this dog 10 year old & have name rover. monkey think picture better without weird shadow of Man but Man say that the only way he get into travel picture most of time.


here man in park walk poodle dog. dog like jump up on wall and walk there what make grandson laugh.


monkey see sign in park what monkey not understand because monkey ignorant of many part of human history. monkey ask Man explain what mean anniversary warsaw ghetto uprising. Man say in 1943 brave jewish people in warsaw in poland fight against nazi who want send them to concentration camp for death. monkey want know more why nazi want kill jewish people and ask Man explain please. Man say it because nazi = homicidal right wing robopath ideologue. if reader want find more info about warsaw ghetto uprising then click link what come down there next.

warsaw ghetto uprising

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader like picture & story today and come back again later for next part number 3 of travel trip report.

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