yay monkey now back in home from travel trip to new york city place. first monkey report that monkey again not find big apple everybody talk about but maybe monkey find it when next monkey go visit new york city in month of may in this year of 2016.

now here some picture & story from new york.


when first Man & Lady & monkey come from penn station in cab to hotel it time for check room. it always good for have clean toilet room with soap & towel for wash & shower and toilet paper for wiping and nice shampoo with good smell for clean hair. and no hair from other mans & ladies in bathtub and on floor. toilet room in hotel pass inspection of monkey. there no bedbugs in bed too which = important for health & comfort.


Man & Lady take monkey go see place what have name american museum of natural history. right away monkey have 100 %  great excitement because monkey love dinosaur & there many dinosaur bone in museum. there other thing too but first monkey want see dinosaur.


there one dinosaur what knock monkey out with awesome hugeness in exhibit there of titanosaurus. monkey very tiny in comparitiveness with titanosaurus & monkey wonder if there room for fit 2 titanosaurus on ark of noah with food enough for 40 day & night & ask Man who just laugh & tell monkey not be absurd. monkey then say maybe noah round up baby prehistoric creature for fit on ark or maybe just take egg for hatch later on land. Man make frown face & tell monkey it time for move to next exhibit. next there link for reader go & find out more info about titanosaurus in museum.

titanosaurus in museum link


monkey love dinosaur exhibit yes but there also many other exhibit what monkey enjoy like giant blue whale and many bird from all over earth planet and primates hall place. monkey have little bit feeling of spookiness when monkey see stuffed monkey & ape & etc but Man tell monkey that monkey stuffed too so monkey feel better then.


when Man & Lady & monkey leave museum & go on street Man take picture of hayden planetarium in museum. monkey see in planetarium cool show what have name dark universe. great hero of monkey neil degrasse tyson = narrator of show & monkey 100 % want meet mr tyson for shake hand & get autograph but Man tell monkey he not home. monkey give show 5 star & make recommendment to reader go see show if reader in new york. monkey give link next to show so reader go find out more info.

dark universe planetarium show info


monkey not just go place like museum where there many tourist like nice man from netherlands who sit next to monkey in planetarium. sometimes monkey like just walk around & explore & find thing what make stimulation of monkey curiousness like little sign on park bench up there what monkey discover. monkey want know more about vet morning mayor of upper west side & giant fan mr irwin cookie solomon. monkey want know for example if mr solomon fan of giant titanosaurus or giant blue whale in museum. so monkey ask Man google mr solomon please. but there nothing there in google. so here 1 more thing what become forever mystery to monkey like why there something instead of nothing. if reader know who = mr irwin cookie solomon or why there something instead of nothing then maybe reader tell monkey.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader enjoy presentment of today & come back later soon for more picture & story of trip of most recentness of monkey to new york city.

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