yay. now today monkey have great excitement for make presentment of part 2 of adventure in giant apple city of new york.


this picture = something banksy make at west 79th & broadway. why monkey like it monkey not know but hammer boy strike monkey as cool vandalism art. there plexiglass stuff over hammer boy so nobody vandalize vandalism. word over hammer boy not part of what banksy make on wall. zabars just store on broadway around corner. it not art but it have ok sandwich & etc for sale.


there many dog in nyc. everywhere monkey see dog walk on sidewalk & in park & etc. monkey think it funny for see mans or ladies walk around with little plastic bag of dog poop & wonder what they do with bag later. some mans & ladies too busy for take dog outside for eliminate waste product so hire other mans & ladies for walk dog like in picture up there. one time monkey see big dog pee all over garbage bag on sidewalk. here travel hint for anyone who go into nyc. it good idea for take shoe off before go inside apartment or hotel room because nyc sidewalk & park & street have many molecule of dog pee and poop.


in place where live son & daughter in law & grandson boy of Man & Lady there also live kitty. kitty have name louis & louis now = new friend of monkey. monkey think kitty make better city pet than dog. nobody have to walk kitty on leash and carry around little plastic bag of kitty poop.


louis & monkey hang out on pizza box after long day of walk around nyc. it nice for have friend in far away place from home so far away place not feel too strange. sometime Man & Lady & monkey go where they not know anybody. that okay with monkey because when monkey travel monkey make it part of experience to meet new creature. ps. that arm of Man in picture. Man not make pixelatedness on face of louis because like monkey louis not care about privacy.


speak of face here monkey show strange arrangement what monkey spot from above in bookstore. when monkey look down from above at table monkey see face what look up at monkey. it not really face. it just pattern what someone leave by accident or maybe on purpose for joke. it hard for say which but couple minute later when monkey look again it gone like all face disappear sooner or later.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader again enjoy picture + story of monkey in new york. monkey not sure if there part 3 coming later so reader stay tuned.

if reader see ad come next down there IT NOT FROM SOCK MONKEY. it there because Man = too 100 % cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.