monkey now return into home after adventure in giant apple city of new york. first before picture come monkey make report that monkey not find giant apple in new york. monkey look everywhere with open eye of wideness but see only small or medium apple in market. this = giant disappointment for monkey.

next monkey make presentment today of picture of new york where monkey go. monkey not show same old picture everybody take in new york. no. instead monkey show picture what have interestingness to monkey. face in picture have pixelatedness for reason of privacy. face of monkey not have pixelatedness because monkey not care about privacy.


here # 1 first picture what show Lady & monkey on train in sleeper car room place for travel on train. if reader never yet go in sleeper car then here what it look like. there room for 2 human + maybe 1 small monkey in sleeper room what have bench seat + little folding down seat where Lady stand + sink + bed what fold down from top over bench what also turn into bed. best thing about sleeper = privacy + own toilet machine. worst thing about sleeper = seat not so comfortable as seat in business class car but that picky 1st world worst thing.


it slushy & rainy day when Man & Lady & monkey come into penn station in new york city. then everybody find baggage & go outside in line and stand in slush & rain & puddle and wait for taxi machine what take Man & Lady & monkey to hotel room where monkey sit on window sill while Man & Lady unpack and set up headquarter place. in back of monkey reader see little bit of city. through window. weather of raininess last only 1 day and all next day of trip = okay weather.


while walk around 1 day not in rain or snow or slush monkey see door on fire station what catch eye of monkey. monkey always enjoy see any strange thing of interestingness wherever monkey go on earth planet. this door = best door of fire station monkey ever see all over on great continent of north america.


mostly Man & Lady go nyc for visit family and here Man make pose with little grandson boy who live in nyc. maybe reader wonder where = this picture. here where. it museum of mathematics. maybe reader wonder why Man & Lady go with monkey & little grandson boy to math museum. here why. math = 100 % cool and it good for little children creature have early exposurement to coolness of math.


in museum of math place there 1 activity what monkey think have extra specialness. it tribute to mathy writer & puzzle maker martin gardner. if reader go there and follow direction then there great illusion of disappearing red monkey. monkey recommend activity 100 %. too monkey think maybe reader have fun if check online about math puzzle by martin gardner.


picture up there of monkey wheel make monkey think of pizza in nyc what = maybe best pizza on earth planet. but maybe not. 1 night Man & Lady & little grandson boy & monkey get takeout pizza from coppola place restaurant. Man say it damn good pizza anyway even if there maybe better pizza someplace else.

that all picture in presentment of today. tomorrow or soon later monkey put more picture in next blog post.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader enjoy not see same old new york city picture like statue of liberty or square of times or etc etc etc.

if reader see ad come next down there IT NOT FROM SOCK MONKEY. it there because Man = too 100 % cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.