today in stuff series monkey make presentment of 2 object what help Man connect with nature. connection with nature = very important to Man. Man know nobody need instrument or tool or etc for make connection but 2 object in picture down there add to already great pleasure of go into nature.

binocsandbook Man have big binocular & spotting scope & many bird book but favorite birding tool of all = little binocular what fit in pocket + old field guide book of bird. When Man go into nearby woods or fields or travel far away he take both for enjoy birding hobby.

monkey scratch head for show not understand why watch bird = so big deal & ask Man explain please. Man think for little bit & say there many reason. like what ask monkey & Man say here a few.

  • sometime it pleasant for go out into nature world with purpose in mind like spot new bird or find fossil or take photo or just sit in quietness under tree & wait for something happen or etc.
  • sometime ordinary bird surprise birder when it do something unusual like 1 time when Man & Lady see robin bird eat sumac berry in snowy winter.
  • birding = 100 % good practice to keep ear & eye open in all direction. it help develop cluefulness & patience.
  • it challenging for figure out what kind of bird you spot sometime especially with confusing flycatcher.
  • birding = free reality show what from nature with no dumbass commercial.
  • it good exercise for mind & eye & ear & rest of body too.
  • it good solitude activity & too it good social activity.
  • it have thrill of hunt but without kill anything.
  • it sport what not need cost $$$$$. someone not even need binocular but Man say buy good field guide book & best binocular what you can afford and then go start birding.

maybe today reader start wonder if birding = good hobby for own self. here 3 link for wondering reader go explore.

  1. how to begin birding
  2. binoculars and beyond nine tips for beginning bird watchers
  3. how to start birdwatching so that you keep birdwatching

goodbye today reader. monkey hope maybe stuff series today introduce reader to new hobby what not need lot of stuff to enjoy.

if reader see ad come next down there IT NOT FROM SOCK MONKEY. it there because Man = too 100 % cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.