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today monkey do something monkey not do in long time. today monkey select real news report headline what monkey see today in different place on www dot internet dot com & make comment on headline. this good way for exercise language skill of simple brain of monkey.

  • headline = zayn malik & gigi hadid: americas hottest young couple. monkey comment = monkey not know who in hell = zayn & gigi & not able for care less.
  • headline = kate overthrows the royal christmas. monkey comment = monkey know who = kate & still not able for care less.
  • headline = learn the basics of making effective lists in this one minute video. monkey comment = who in hell need instructional video for figure out how make list.
  • headline = in wake of colorado shooting obama calls for more gun controls. monkey comment = monkey already hear this every time after mass slaughter in # 1 exceptional team u$a america land of free home of brave and before next bloodbath.
  • headline = donald trump’s controversial remarks haven’t hurt him. monkey comment = that because there no shortage of dumbass sheeple in team u$a.
  • headline = after the cranberries and pie take time to talk about death. monkey comment = because there no better time for discuss death except maybe when someone win huge lottery prize.
  • headline = how the kardashians and jenners celebrated thanksgiving. monkey comment = monkey think it not possible for care less than about zayn & gigi & kate headline but this headline prove monkey wrong.
  • headline = utah man passes airport security with stolen boarding pass. monkey comment = this 100 % inspire confidence in tsa in monkey.
  • headline = kaley cuoco tears up talking about her difficult year. monkey comment = monkey make suggestment that crybaby celebrity star shut up & go away because humans in many refugee camp have it many time worse.
  • headline = see the radio waves constantly bathing you with this app. monkey comment = monkey already worry enough about constant bath of prescription drug ads.
  • headline = rare photo of princess diana will make your heart flutter. monkey comment = monkey investigate photo and find headline not = true.
  • headline = meet the 30 year old man named taylor swift. monkey comment = only if someone put gun in ear of monkey.
  • headline = four pro-gun arguments we’re sick of hearing. monkey comment = only four?
  • headline = five pieces of parenting advice i’m tired of hearing. monkey comment = only five?
  • headline = gop candidates are cursing more, and on purpose. monkey comment = gop candidate try act like tough guy & sound like real people & appeal to baseness of republicrap base. but they not fool monkey.
  • headline = it’s time to diagnose all your common bra problems. monkey comment = wow. finally there something worth read about.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope maybe there better headline tomorrow in news.

if reader see ad come next down there IT NOT FROM SOCK MONKEY. it there because Man = too 100 % cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.