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many time monkey hear or see sentence with word only in wrong place. even in npr & pbs program.

monkey ask Man why many human creature stick word only in wrong place. even monkey who struggle hard with english language know only belong in sentence by word it describe or limit.

Man make shrug & say it combination of lack of education & lack of wide reading & lack of caring & mental laxness. that = a lot of lack say monkey. damn tootin say Man.

monkey wonder if maybe Man & monkey make little presentment about how it important for put only in place of correctness. Man say how about show how different placement of word only change meaning of sentence. monkey think that = good idea. first here come sentence without only. monkey pet kitty on furry head. now monkey stick in only in different place.

  • only monkey pet kitty on furry head. that mean no one else pet kitty.
  • monkey only pet kitty on furry head. that mean monkey not hit kitty on head with stick or shampoo head of kitty or etc.
  • monkey pet only kitty on furry head. that mean monkey not pet furry head of dog of neighbor.
  • monkey pet kitty on furry head only. that mean monkey not pet furry tail of kitty.

even simple brain of monkey see how meaning of sentence up there change when only jump around. Man say it too bad student of today not anymore in general get lesson in grammar & mechanics & usage & style like what in old school book what Man study many year ago. Man say that’s when kids rode to school on sledges pulled by mammoths and diagrammed sentences in English class.


also post of today = # 800 from monkey. it nice round number but monkey think it not look interesting. Man say but it has a pleasing prime factorization & make little picture for monkey use on blog. here picture.


maybe if reader = little bit mathy then reader understand why Man think that = pleasing. monkey not understand.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader not visit only monkey blog. maybe sometime reader check out blog what monkey follow.

if reader see ad come next down there IT NOT FROM SOCK MONKEY. it there because Man = too 100 % cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.