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yay oh boy monkey shout in brain with 100 % great excitement. it happy hallowthanxmas time again & many store already have xmas crap out on shelf & floor for sale.


monkey wish reader happy hallowthanxmas & hope reader suffer no personal injury or crushing debt when shopping in year of 2015.

monkey go pull on sleeve of Man & say it time for finalize xmas list for monkey. Man make frown face + glare eye & make swear in language of foreignness. but then he make sigh noise & say ok lets get it over with.

so now monkey share nice with reader list of present monkey want appear in house on december 25 2015 what = great day of get many material thing. there only 5 thing on list of unselfish monkey.

# 1 = kitty for pet & company & bff. monkey not need new kitty. used rescue kitty = 100 % ok. Man ask who clean up pee & poop in litter box & monkey make 100 % promise litter box always = clean & unstinkful so long as monkey = alive. monkey want medium big kitty with nice agreeableness of disposition & loud purr noise & stripe & no biting. here picture what monkey make of perfect kitty for monkey. monkey say claw ok for in case kitty get outside & neighbor dog pest come & chase kitty & then dog find out it not good idea for annoy kitty.

kitty2015# 2 = praying mantis mask from favorite store of monkey. next time Man go in church for funeral or wedding monkey want go with Man & wear cool praying mantis mask. Man tell monkey mask too big for monkey. monkey think over that & say then Man wear mask & monkey enjoy scene. Man say thats almost a good idea monkey but then Man say it too much $$$ for spend on foolishness. Man probably have correctness but monkey still hope someone give present of praying mantis mask to monkey for wear to church.


# 3 = socket wrench set. Man say every male hominid creature need socket wrench set even if he use it only 1 time every 5 year. so monkey put it on xmas 2015 list. maybe later monkey find out what it for.

socketwrenchset#4 =  nophone. Man have nophone so monkey want own nophone so monkey not able for bother Man with call or text with it. or take picture of food in restaurant. or take selfie. or etc.

# 5 = robot with blaster from robot island store. why. here why. it just cool & monkey think maybe it more fun for new kitty than laser pointer.

robbywithblaster - Copy

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader enter 2015 season of hallowthanxmas shopping with enthusiasm of monkey.

if reader see ad come next down there IT NOT FROM SOCK MONKEY. it there because Man = too 100 % cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.