Man & Lady take monkey on autumn hike yesterday in woods place. here 7 picture & story from hike.

already reader know monkey not = pet because monkey = person. so monkey not worry about go on leash when there sign like down there. monkey not need leash anyway because monkey know how behave nice when monkey want to.


monkey always have curiousness about what in hole. it not matter if hole in ground or tree or etc. Man explain to monkey that it always good idea not for stick head or hand in any hole in anything unless monkey already have pretty good idea what in there. but so far nothing bite or scratch or sting or kill monkey.


there bright sunlight on path & monkey spot interesting tree seed what look like little milkweed pod. monkey ask Man what kind seed monkey find. Man scratch head and say he not know. monkey tell Man this prove Man not know everything. Man say that has never required proof.


here monkey have admiration for pretty yellow leaf what fall from tree above. every year it same story from spring to fall. leaf grow & live & die. this remind monkey of something but monkey not sure about what. maybe it about meaning of life.


while monkey watch leaf pile up there Man see favorite bug what = dragonfly come land on leaf nearby. Man get excitement & sneak to dragonfly with quietness & slowness and get picture down there.


on tree on trail monkey see many scratch from people like todd & sue. monkey ask Man why todd & sue make name on tree. Man explain todd & sue want notify world of eternal love what they have. monkey wonder if many year later todd & sue have still eternal love.


Lady see something in leaf on trail. it move fast and then stop and make stillness. monkey look with carefulness and then see what Lady see. it snake. this = little snake so it not alarm monkey. Man say every time snake appear like one in picture down there he think of snake poem by miss emily dickinson.


that last picture today. Man say there not many thing what numb the mind with more completeness than listen to someone go on & on about fabulous place they visit & thing they do there & place they eat there & sight they see there & etc etc etc etc etc especially if listener not ever go same place. so Man say it good idea for monkey not test patience of reader with more blabber about autumn hike of yesterday. a little bit travel talk = ok especially if there a few picture but it easy for it become too much.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader enjoy autumn hike story by monkey. and not have boredom.

if reader see ad come next down there IT NOT FROM SOCK MONKEY. it there because Man = too 100 % cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.